Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Nepal

Here’s what Tiger Mountain is doing in Nepal…

1. We’ve taken the Pledge!
2. New metal water bottles for guests and staff on walks – see Instagram #tigermountainpokharalodge and Facebook @tigermountainpokhara.
3. Bio compostable (Soil Association approved) plastic wrap for kitchen
4. Bio compostable (FSC approved) paper bags for picnic food wrapping
5. Bio compostable (Soil Association approved) plastic bags where essential for food storage
6. Installing bio-gas at newly built staff kitchen cooking and the waste from the plant will go as garden organic fertiliser.

As we close for the monsoon each year, we cannot undertake clean up and similar activities at this time of year, but we do support our local primary school, Shiva Shakti, in their project to anchor waste plastic by stuffing it in PET bottles and then using the stuffed bottles to build a Chautrara (sitting / resting place) in the school grounds.

Our guests also support the local schools through Pack for a Purpose – a charity website that highlights useful things to bring for good causes when on holiday, tailored to each area – see

This is complemented by an ongoing programme for teaching professionals to mentor local teachers to enhance their English language and teaching-in-English skills in partnership with the award-winning People and Places