Ramblers Walking Holidays

Ramblers Walking Holidays

Tackling single-use plastic bottles one sip at a time
Ramblers Walking Holidays take travellers to remote, unspoiled destinations and, in many cases, are reliant on bottled water. While this may be an easy and cheap option at the time, many of the destinations do not have recycling programmes, so the plastic bottles end up in land fill. The cost to the environment is very high and their clients are not happy about that. It was a major point of discussion, but as a relatively small company, RWH was unsure what they could do.

The solution they have found is to partner with a company who offer re-usable bottles with a water purification filter as an alternative to single use plastic bottles. One person has the potential to drink 2-3 bottles of water a day on one of their walking holidays, that’s 14-21 on a one week holiday. Multiply that by 20 people in a group and that’s 280-420 bottles that could be saved on just one holiday. With hundreds of holidays a year the potential for reducing single use plastic bottles is into tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands.

Next Steps
Continuing with the theme of plastic waste reduction, going forward they are encouraging their travellers to take reusable lunchboxes on holiday for their picnic lunches, saving plastic bags, to take reusable cutlery such as a “sporks or a splayed” to avoid using plastic utensils and to say no to plastic drinking straws in their drinks.