In 2016 Exodus began campaigning to reduce plastic waste on all its adventures. They began in countries where safe drinking water was an issue, and travellers couldn’t drink the tap water so they resorted to buying bottled water to protect their health. Exodus knew there must be a smarter way to ensure that travellers stay healthy without the environment suffering the consequences.

For that reason, they started working in conjunction with their tour operators and leaders to make sure they found a middle ground. One of the biggest success stories is India, where they’ve reduced the number of plastic bottles by 162,000 due to the initiative in just one year. They now use much larger water containers to decant water into reusable bottles each person brings with them. By replacing many smaller bottles with one larger one, they were able to reduce the amount plastic significantly.

Their hard work finally paid off! 85% of Exodus travellers can now travel safe in the knowledge that they don’t have to purchase one single plastic bottle if they don’t want to. They also estimate that this initiative meant that 1 million less single-use bottles were consumed in 2017.

Next steps
They have set themselves the challenge to be single-use plastic bottle free on all of their trips by the end of 2018. On average, each traveller will get through at least 3 of these a day and with each bottle taking at least 500 years to fully break down – even then, they continue to exist as micro-plastics so never fully disappear.  All you customers need to do to help is to check their Trip Notes before they travel and ensure they bring a reusable bottle - it will be put to good use!