Dessole Malia Beach (Crete)

Dessole Malia Beach Sustainable Tourism (Travelife gold certified hotel)

The Travelife certified hotel, Dessole Malia Beach was very successful in reducing the usage of plastic straws. By using effective communication and ecological messaging along with the involvement of their staff, they were able to reduce the use of plastic straws from using 146,000 in 2016 to 7,200 in 2017. That is a reduction of 95%.

Continuing with the plastic theme, they were able to cut down on the daily use of plastic water bottles. All guest areas (and staff areas) were installed with water coolers. This resulted in a drop in the use of one-litre plastic bottles, from 55,000 bottles in 2016, to 10,500 used in 2017, a reduction of 75%.

In addition, they amended their linen changing policies and procedures. They updated the messaging in guest rooms with two further languages, informed guests of their sustainable actions and explained their three-day policy of changing towels. They communicated this by posting environmental messages on their television information channel as well as their Facebook page. The hotel also introduced a better system for the staff to manage the process of changing the towels. As a result, the number of used beach towels reduced from 46,104 in 2016 to 10,900 in 2017, seeing a reduction of nearly 75%. This also helped to reduce costs.