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Buffalo Tours

Buffalo recognise that plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental dilemmas facing Southeast Asia today. To ensure the well-being and comfort of their travellers, tour companies must supply them with fresh, clean and cool water. Providing every guest with several disposable water bottles, quickly amounts to an ecological disaster. Buffalo Tours is giving guests the option of refilling their reusable bottles from coolers instead. In 2017, this resulted in a reduction of plastic waste by over 200,000 single-use water bottles. In 2018 a target of 1,000,000 has been set. 

Buffalo have recognised by using reusable water bottles has the following effects: 

• Dramatically reduces the contribution from tourism to plastic waste, especially relevant in countries with poor recycling facilities and infrastructure
•  Supplying reusable water bottles ensures that they are made from safe materials, reducing the risk of harmful plastics or chemicals
•  Using a reusable water bottle sends a strong message about environmental protection
•  Water bottles can be branded and customized with logos, slogans and colours.

Buffalo Tours is also replacing all of their complimentary wet tissues with a safe and environmentally friendly alternative. Their Pure Napkins have the following benefits:

•  Pure Napkins are extremely compressed and expand upon contact with water. This means that they are easy to transport, further reducing their environmental impact
•  Pure Napkins contain no additives and are non-toxic, naturally hygienic, and hypoallergenic
• Instead of using harmful alcohol-based solution to moisten the tissues, our vehicles are equipped with hygienic water dispensers containing natural essences
• The water is infused with 3 different combinations of invigorating natural scents (green tea/cucumber, mandarin/lemon or basil/spearmint).