Rickshaw Travel

Rickshaw Travel

As part of World Oceans Day, 5 June, 2018, Rickshaw Travel organised a beach clean-up on Brighton Beach, UK. You can read their full blog here.

Spurred on by the recent sad news of a whale in Thailand which died as a result of our polluted seas, after it consumed more than 80 plastic bags made them feel more determined than ever to continue doing their bit to make tourism a force for good, and to protect our planet, and the glorious creatures that belong to it.

They teamed up with Brighton & Hove City Clean, and armed themselves with gloves, bin bags, and litter-picking-sticks to give Brighton beach a good clean. They collected a plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, dirty nappies, used needles, and even a pair of undies! The list goes on.

In just a couple of hours, they had collected two huge refuge sacks of litter, which would have otherwise ended up in the sea.