GRECOTEL Creta Palace

GRECOTEL Creta Palace

Grecotel Creta Palace in Crete is committed to protecting the environment and are proud their property’s beach has been awarded Blue Flag status since 1992.

The hotel team organised beach cleaning called “CLEAN UP THE MED” and collaborates with the local NGO Archelon that is responsible for Loggerhead Sea Turtle protection. Together they help protect the nests and hatchlings on the beach.

Their environment work doesnt stop at the beach, it goes in land too. On World Environment Day flowers and herbs were planted on their hotel grounds and the youngest guests made handcrafts from recycling materials. On a daily basis the hotel aims to reduce plastic use and promotes an environment-friendly behaviour among its guests and staff, for example every guest is given a cloth bag for their stay. The hotel has started using paper straws and recycles items that can be recycled such as plastic, glass, paper, used oils from kitchen, batteries, bulbs and ink cartridges. They provide weekly environmental walks to provide insight on local plants and herbs and encourage guests to think 'green' by showing the Blue Planet 2 documentary monthly as well as provide messaging to guests on their televisions and rooms notices. 


In addition, staff gather plastic caps from bottles to help reduce plastic waste, but also as a social activity. A wheelchair is provided to guests with reduced mobility.

Grecotel Creta Palace offers traditional products and wine tastings every one or two weeks, to help promote local products and Greek culture.